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What Makes A Good Teacher?

What Makes A Good Teacher?


Teachers are everywhere, Some may be the best, some may be the worst.

But if you are wondering what makes a good Teacher? Then read along for more information.


What makes a good teacher is when they understand children.

Understanding children can mean by letting the children

speak about themselves. This can also mean by trying

to communicate with the students and much more.


Being a Good Teacher is when you are kind to the students.

Also meaning being calm and graceful against students.

This could also be a way to Help students

with what they are struggling with.


A good Teacher also needs to have some fun with their

students and to entertain them. Teachers and students all need some

fun in their time of work and school by playing cool games or activities. 


These are my facts about what makes a good teacher.

So Do you have what it takes to make a good teacher?

My 9 sentence story


It all started on a bloomy day, when there was a teenage boy named Bob. Bob loved to stay indoors and hated the nature of life outside. Bob hated his family and all the people that surrounded him because he thought that people were full of drama and trouble. He could never understand why he was this way and didn’t know how to express himself. But one day Bob wanted to see the light. The light is what Bob called the outside world since he hardly ever went to school. He wanted to force himself to get out of his home but couldn’t do it because he knew no one would be interested in him. He began to cry and then suddenly stopped from the lack of hunger and sleep. He then sadly passed away.

My 9 sentence story


Raro Passion Orange Sachet 3pk - Kiwi Kitchen

Today for maths we learnt about ratios using Raro. First we had to find out how much powder is in the packet and how how many teaspoons we had to use. Once we where done mixing the ingreadiants we got to drink the delicous drink. And from this math lesson we got to learn something interesting and got to taste something delicous.