KPMG Thank-You Letter

Dear KPMG,  

I am writing you this letter to say a big Thank You for inviting some of our Pt England school students to your own work space! And from Pt England to your team, we really appreciate the generosity with all the equipment and food that you all have provided for us! We loved and enjoyed all your amazing lessons about different subjects and all the fun and creative activities we have got to make! 

My favourite activity that I have got to do with my time at KPMG was Makey Makey. I enjoyed this task because I got to make epic noises with only Foil, Paper, and Makey Makey wires. It was also fun because I also got to make my own image and cut out specific shapes to make noises. It was also an amazing experience even though it was my first and last ever time!

Since this was also my last year and probably my last everytime visiting KPMG, I think I will truly miss KPMG’s staff and cooks that provided the amazing food, and lovely conversations! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! 

From Lynette, Signing out

This is my KPMG thank you letter! This is to show how much I loved the expierence and all the fun and cool things I got to do! Thank You KPMG!

Extension Project Term4


This is my Extension Project for term 4 2023. This term the Extension had to come up with a project that would solve problems for us humans! For my idea I decided I wanted to create a “Teleportation Device” to help people save money and to make life easier. What did I have to complete? Well, I had to explain what are some problems that needed to be solved and how “Teleportation” would help the situation. I also had to explain the Positive and Negitive outcomes of this invention. Then I had to join a group and start planning the main items around “Human Inventtions that have already been made” and some futuristic items that may or may not been already made. Then I made a scale model of my teleportation device! I had to explain what you could see in my project and how the “Teleportatoin device” would work!

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My Make It Work DLO – The Five Musketeers

This term team 5 have been making projects that would solve a problem around out Team 5 space. A big problem that needed to be solved was the shoe spaces. There is barely any shoe space for shoes to go besides from the ground. But who would want to constantly put your shoes in an unsafe place with lots of children? Well Fear no fear The 5 Musketeers are here! When then planned for a 30 shelved shoe wrack and starting measuring the height and width of the whole project. By we I mean Zaria, Vika, Swaimah, Eleni, and also including me. After we have planned we then had to fill out our Make it work diarys! Our diarys are also our reflections of every week of our project.

After all of this we then had to find out what materials we needed to make our product come to life. But there was a huge twist and change to our project. We had to change our whole idea because we found out that what we had planned would take countless amount of weeks and lots of hard work. And of course we went with the flow and eneded with our mini shoe wrack that actually can be usefull for our shoes!

But over all my whole group really enjoyed our fun experience with all the challenges we had to face with our measuring tools to our new ideas. We also decorated our shoe wrack to make it pop! Although this whole proccess took a certain amount of time it was enough to say that our team work made our final product work! There is also a video for you too watch and see our whole entire DLO with my group. I hope you enjoyed my blog post about our final product with our project, Please leave a positive comment on my blog! Fa Soifua!

Week 7 Algebros

This is my maths work for this week! For there maths problems I also had to explain how I got the answer! I also learnt how to you reverse cycoligy while using my maths! I also really enjoyed my maths task because it was mostly word problems that I could understand. Although some of the questions were hard I managed to finish the whole slides with help from my class buddies. I hope you enjoyed my maths task, Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Research on…

This is my research task on my book about Electric Cars! The text was called “Driving Us Into The Future”. This text was fun because there were lots of factors that I did not know about before about Electric Cars. Of course there were pros and cons about the subject behing these types of cars but the main idea about this text was to learn about how the Electric cars increased and then decreased to the other different types of cars. I hope you enoyed my blog post, Please leave a positive comment on my Blog!

Thank You KPMG!

Dear KPMG,

Thank you for having our Pt England students come to your own work place! We really enjoyed learning new things on how makey makey works! Something I also enjoyed was the amazing food that you have presented to us! Thank you also to Justine and the crew for being so kind to us and also making us feel welcomed! We all loved the different places that we got to look at, such as different offices and more! We truley appriciate the teachings that you had for us aswel! Although this is also my last year, and probably could never be able to visit KPMG again, I have really been amused by the different activities and different people I have got to meet! And Thank You once again,

Yours truley , Lynette.

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Explanation template


Remember the T.I.I.C structure.

T TitleWhat you will be explaining
I IntroductionTell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
I Information – Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
C Conclusion – Final summarizing statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.


Title What are some benefits of living in a 15 – 20 minute city?
Introduction A 15 – 20 minute city is a location that people of other kinds could live in. It is a town/place where all of the essential places where you may need things from are close to you. Places like School, Work places, or even just supermarkets and so on. 

1st element

One of the benefits of a 15 – 20 minute city is the amount of money that you might be able to save. How may you be able to put aside money? Well since most of the sites are close to where you live you may not need an actual car. So this is one way to save money because most of the money costs are around gas and so on. But if you don’t have a car you have the options to walk, cycle, or even use transport to where you need to be. Every neighborhood should be able to also be an affordable housing range, so that people can live closer to their own work and to even help with less money spent.

2nd element

Another benefit of living within a 15 – 20 minute city is Community.

Being in this group of people is being able to have a good quality voice that people should hear you out on. Apparently in a few years time over 50% of people in the home of Aotearoa would be from Polynesia, Asia, and will also be Moari. These groups of people would also be a world wide approach. 


3rd element

Lastly, Climate change. 

This is a huge statement that would change if we had 15 – 20 minutes cities. Some things that support climate change are having more Trees and more heat. How would trees help with climate change? Well climate change in trees is having more airflow and more wind for different changes. And with heat it would also be a 50 / 50 chance for good and bad. This is because more heat would concern skin conditions because it is a small place where heat can flow in. And for the good reason it would be more sunshine for locations in the small town.

Conclusion So all these benefits would be a structured course if you would live in a 15 – 20 minute city. In concluding these benefit facts there could be bad and good statements of this topic. But would you live in a 15 – 20 minute city? And why would you, is it because lower costs and higher savings? Or is it because of a better lifestyle? 

This is my Practise writing for testing that team 5 is beginning to do this week! In this writing peice I have had to explain the different thing based on a 15 – 20 minute city. I have also written about the different benifits of living in this type of recidence. I have really enjoyed this task because before I have never heard of a 15 – 20 minute city. And since I have written about this topic I have wrote alot about this! I hope you enjoyed my blog, please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Lynette & Legacy 20 – 15 minute city

This is my research task that I have created with my pair Legacy. We have created this presentation to explain the benifits of a 15 – 20 minute city!  A fact is that you can be able to walk, cycle, and even use public transport to get to your wanted destination within 15 – 20 minutes.  There is also a video at the end summerising and explaining what we have done. I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Media Detective Simple

This is my Cybersmart task for this wensday. For this task we got to learn about different types of media. For example media is basically photos and News Informing. I also got to create my own media! My media was about Tina from Turners! I wrote all about what I think the media was about and who created the ad. I hope you enjoyed my blog for today! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Extension Project

This is my extension task for this wensday! In this task we had to choose a futuristic invention that people may need to fix problems. So for my invention I chose “Teleportation Devices”! I have chosen this because there are two sides to this topic. There is a Positive side that would show the good in the invention and a negative outcome with what bad things may happen. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my blog post all about Inventions that I think should happen in the future! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

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