Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

This is my maths task for the week! I am learning different ways to turn a fraction into a decimal, and then turning it into a percentage! So far it has been a bit challenging but I have been able to learn from what I have done! But there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

This is my extensoin work that I am currently working on! But this is how much progress I have done on drawing my desing! What I am researching on is from Germany which is called the Lederhosen! This outfit is worn when it is autmn and when a festival is on! Or it is also worn for work wear! Thank you for catching up on my work! Plese leave a positive comment on my blog, Thank you!

Womans Rights Extension Scratch Project!

This creation is made by Lynette. This is also my extension scratch project! My project is all about why and why not woman should vote in New Zealand! This was also the protest that I chose to learn about! I specifically chose this protest because I wanted to learn more about the history of Woman in New Zealand! Now let’s begin! Press the signs to see the information which tells us why and why not woman can vote. If you would like to start again refresh the page!

Journal Word Find

This is my reading task that I have been working on! The book I have been reading is called Fast Rust. One of my tasked that are connected to the story is my Journal Word Find! I had to point out the key words and sentences to make my words to find harder! I hope you enjoyed my blog post, Please leave a positive comment, Thank you!

Extension Project Term 2

This Term  we were told to choosed two diffrent types of fashion designes from countrys all over the world. I chose the lava lava which is originated from Samoa and the Teki Teki, which is originated from Tonga. It was very cool to learn and reasearch about these beautiful pieces of fashion designes. I hope you enjoy! HAPPY SAMOAN LANGUAGE WEEK CHEEHOO!

Chemical or Physical Change

This is my science task for today! In this task I had to make sure to put the correct images in the right order. The things I had to put the images under were Physical Change and Chemical Change. But overall I learnt new things that could be in changes. But I hope you enjoyed my blog post!