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Term 3 Literacy

This term Literacy was really fun because there were different task’s that had different meaning. Although there might have been bumps during this term with work it was really cool to learn more about the Dawn Raids, and other books like Thank you ma’am and so on. We have also been doing creat task’s and describing how our group discussions went! Sometimes we had rotations that included meeting with the teacher, having to do our follow up task’s, having a free choice in reading, and also completing our DLO.

One time we also had a task for writing where we had to make a speech. To me this idea off doing speeches was really fun because there were loads of different story’s that I either agreed with or disagreed with. We also read mostly relatable story’s and novels that had past 100 pages. Some other fun things that we got to do was make our own posters about country’s around the world. In this create task I chose the country of “Sierra Leone”. I chose this country because it was different from others and also had amazing facts about its country.

We also had to complete Literacy planet and other task’s involving read theory and epic. Things we had to also talk about in our group’s were what the authors message was and why did they write the story or text for. We also had to make connections in the story’s and compare opposite sides of the texts.

Think before you post,

This is my cybersmart task for today. What I had to do was drag the different images to different topic or suggestions. The thinngs we had to choose for the pistures to go on were, If it is apropriate to share, And if it is not good to share you should keep it private. What I enjoyed was how I got to share my opinions. And what I didn’t enjoy was how it was a bit tricky because the things that I had to read didn’t really match to what I thought. This task also taught me to think before I share my things online and the internet. I hope you enjoyed my Blog post, Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Sweet Nets

This is another maths task that I have completed! In this maths task I have had to mark Nets that I think will make a cube! I also had to make my own box for my cupcake. I enjoyed this task because I got to find out my score on my nets. I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Terrific Transformations

This is my maths task for today! For this task I had to make my own reflection with shapes! What I enjoyed about this task was because I had to work hard to reflect a shape as if it is in the mirror with the opposite side! I hope you enjoyed my blog post for today! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!


This is my maths task for today! In this task I have had to figure out the names of the shapes! I also had to find out the ammount of Vertices, Faces, and Edges, of the shape. But it’s not just any shape that I am learning about, I am learning about 3D shapes! I really enjoyed this task because it made me have to think and look at the shape carfuly to find the ammount of things I need! I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Extension Project Term 2

This Term  we were told to choosed two diffrent types of fashion designes from countrys all over the world. I chose the lava lava which is originated from Samoa and the Teki Teki, which is originated from Tonga. It was very cool to learn and reasearch about these beautiful pieces of fashion designes. I hope you enjoy! HAPPY SAMOAN LANGUAGE WEEK CHEEHOO!

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