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Home Work Literacy Writing

Story Explanation: Today I read a chapter book named Holes by Louis Sachar. The book was basically about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. Most of the story takes place at a boot camp that is called Camp Green Lake. Surrounding the camp site is mostly dirt and tents with huge holes dug into the ground. Stanley was sent to the camp because he was accused of theft that he did not even do. Later he meets other people (which he has nicknamed) with other reasons to be there. Stanley also has a very harsh past with his grandfather or which he calls his, No-Good-Dirty-Rotten-Pig-Stealing-Great-Great-Grandfather.

Prediction: My prediction is, Stanley is going to have a problem between other people in the story because they all seem like trouble to eachother.

Prime Minister Being In Close Contact!

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, is self-isolating after comforming she was in close contact to someone who had covid! People said that Jacinda Adern was asymptomtac, Meaning she has no symptoms. The exposure event took place on, Satuday, January 22, during a flight from kerikeri to Auckland. The flight had been added to the Ministry of health website as a location of interest.


Prime Minister Jacinda Adern might be safe now but who now’s whats gonna happen next! She might be in close contact again and might actually have covid?