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Term 3 Literacy

This term Literacy was really fun because there were different task’s that had different meaning. Although there might have been bumps during this term with work it was really cool to learn more about the Dawn Raids, and other books like Thank you ma’am and so on. We have also been doing creat task’s and describing how our group discussions went! Sometimes we had rotations that included meeting with the teacher, having to do our follow up task’s, having a free choice in reading, and also completing our DLO.

One time we also had a task for writing where we had to make a speech. To me this idea off doing speeches was really fun because there were loads of different story’s that I either agreed with or disagreed with. We also read mostly relatable story’s and novels that had past 100 pages. Some other fun things that we got to do was make our own posters about country’s around the world. In this create task I chose the country of “Sierra Leone”. I chose this country because it was different from others and also had amazing facts about its country.

We also had to complete Literacy planet and other task’s involving read theory and epic. Things we had to also talk about in our group’s were what the authors message was and why did they write the story or text for. We also had to make connections in the story’s and compare opposite sides of the texts.

My Healthy and Balanced life style animation,

This is my DLO that I have been working on for the past 9 weeks! This DLO is about staying healthy and having a balanced lifestyle. I put alot of hard work into making this DLO! It was really fun to make because I got to make my own images! I hope you enjoyed this animation that I have made. Please leave a positive comment on my blog, Thank you!

My Lederhosen Project/Extension

Task Discription:

Here is my first part of my extension project! I had to design something out of my culture and research different things about it! I have chosen the Lederhosen! The Lederhosen is from Germany and is worn by males to events in Germany! The Lederhosn is also a triditional clothing to Germany and Austria! The Lederhosen is mainly worn when it is Oktoberfest and sometimes you may see women wearing Lederhoen too. Lederhosen are also worn to weddings but this is mainly for the people from Germany wearing the Lederhoen. This links up to being Social Consciousness. I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Journal Word Find

This is my reading task that I have been working on! The book I have been reading is called Fast Rust. One of my tasked that are connected to the story is my Journal Word Find! I had to point out the key words and sentences to make my words to find harder! I hope you enjoyed my blog post, Please leave a positive comment, Thank you!


On April the 25th the Australian and New Zealand Army troops will be remebered. ANAZAC is all about how we should remeber and give thanks for all those who have served our native countries. What ANZAC stands for is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. One of the sayings that Anzac goes by is “Lest We Forget”, Which means They shall be not forgotten. ANZAC was also known as the Gallipoli soldiers. The reason why this day is special is because there were fallen soldiers that put effort and hard work into helping save their families and other people that deserve more than war between different armys.

This is my task for today! What I am explaining is how important and worthy the Australian and New Zealand Army Troops are. Fun fact the first ever ANZAC service in New Zealand was in 1916. I hope you enjoyed my blog post, Feel free to leave a positive commet on my blog.

Fashion – Extension

Y7&8 Extension – Fashion

Today for extension we had to connect and explane what the meaning is to the different connections towards fahsion. There where Social Consciousness, Sustainability, and Cultural Appriciation! This task was all about researching and finding out where different connection relate. I hope you enjoyed my blog post!

Art Works!

This Morning our whole school gathered together and we had an Immersion Assembly. This Term our theme is “Art Works!” Each Team performed an item showing the children what they will be learning and doing this Term.

My favourite item had to be the Team 4 item.
Team 4’s item was about making art in different ways such as
Photography, Music, and Dancing.
I liked there item because it was fun and creative in many different ways.

This Term Team 5 is learning about how to tell a story using many things around us,
and also being able to create art from our own point of view.