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On April the 25th the Australian and New Zealand Army troops will be remebered. ANAZAC is all about how we should remeber and give thanks for all those who have served our native countries. What ANZAC stands for is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. One of the sayings that Anzac goes by is “Lest We Forget”, Which means They shall be not forgotten. ANZAC was also known as the Gallipoli soldiers. The reason why this day is special is because there were fallen soldiers that put effort and hard work into helping save their families and other people that deserve more than war between different armys.

This is my task for today! What I am explaining is how important and worthy the Australian and New Zealand Army Troops are. Fun fact the first ever ANZAC service in New Zealand was in 1916. I hope you enjoyed my blog post, Feel free to leave a positive commet on my blog.