Thank you, Synergy Health!


Today we got gifted pedometers from Synergy Health! Pedometers are things that can count how many steps you take in a day! They are such an amazing gift! Thank you also to KPMG that partnered with them to send this gift to us Pt England students! So far we are really enjoying them! Thank you again for providing us KPMG on the day we came to your building! What I am enjoying about the Pedometers are how they can be able to count my steps! This way I can see how many steps I have done!  I hope you enjoyed my thank you note! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Synergy Health!

  1. Hey Lynette, Did you enjoy going to KPMG? What was your reaction to the gifts from them? What I found interesting about this, is that it can encourage us to walk and see how many steps we’ve accomplished.

    – Kind Regards, Vika

  2. Hey Lynette
    Thank you for sharing this with us, was KPMG fun? Maybe next time you can share your experience from KPMG! Keep up the great work!

  3. Talofa Lava Lynette!
    What an incredible gift you have received from KPMG and Synergy Health! I have loved how you told us what a pedometer is and how it works! How many steps have you received? Anyways, keep up the good work, loving your blog post!

    Kind Regards, Amira!

  4. Hey Lynette

    I love your blog post, These photos are amazing I wonder who took them.
    How many steps have you gotten so far.

    Keep up the great work Lynette.


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