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Media Detective Simple

This is my Cybersmart task for this wensday. For this task we got to learn about different types of media. For example media is basically photos and News Informing. I also got to create my own media! My media was about Tina from Turners! I wrote all about what I think the media was about and who created the ad. I hope you enjoyed my blog for today! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Shrek’s About Me

Ello there, welcome to my blog! 

My name is Shrek, and I live in a swamp in a kingdom of far far away. I also have an annoying friend named donkey. I am an ogre that has green skin and ears that stick out of my head. I also have a very good accent. I even have an epic roar that can scare people away from me. My height is also over 7ft. I am even stronger than an ox. I like being in peace and quiet so that means I like being alone most of the time. I am also surrounded by mud and insects. I am also kind and loving towards people that don’t insult me for what I am. I like mud baths and eating fish eyeballs that have been spread on my bread.. I also enjoy eating slugs and onions.

For this task we had to write an about me peace of writing for Shrek. We focussed on promoting Shrek in a positive way.

Stick Figure Animation

This week me and my class made a stick figure animation for cybersmart. And this is my stick figure animation of a person walking. This is what I learnt in cybersmart because we are learning how to move things in detail when we are animating.

Hello world!

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