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Term 3 Literacy

This term Literacy was really fun because there were different task’s that had different meaning. Although there might have been bumps during this term with work it was really cool to learn more about the Dawn Raids, and other books like Thank you ma’am and so on. We have also been doing creat task’s and describing how our group discussions went! Sometimes we had rotations that included meeting with the teacher, having to do our follow up task’s, having a free choice in reading, and also completing our DLO.

One time we also had a task for writing where we had to make a speech. To me this idea off doing speeches was really fun because there were loads of different story’s that I either agreed with or disagreed with. We also read mostly relatable story’s and novels that had past 100 pages. Some other fun things that we got to do was make our own posters about country’s around the world. In this create task I chose the country of “Sierra Leone”. I chose this country because it was different from others and also had amazing facts about its country.

We also had to complete Literacy planet and other task’s involving read theory and epic. Things we had to also talk about in our group’s were what the authors message was and why did they write the story or text for. We also had to make connections in the story’s and compare opposite sides of the texts.

2 Dawn Raid – 20th June – 3rd July

This is my Reading task for this week! I had to another bunch of pages from the Dawn Raid text! So far I am enjoying this text because I have been learning more things about New Zealand’s history and the people too. I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive commnet on my blog! Thanks!

Fluency & Expression reflection

This is my score on my reading task I have been focusing on this week! Overall I think I have been doing really well but I just need to manage my time wisely. And I also think that I may need more reading at home! I hope you enjoyed my reading score from this week! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Seventh Grade – Gary Soto

Seventh Grade – Gary Soto 

First some questions

Answer the following questions about Seventh Grade.

Question Answer
What background information do you learn about Victor? Victor is interested in Teresa and is constantly trying to impress her.
When the boys scowl, the girls look at them. What might the girls be thinking? What I think the girl would be thinking is, “What are they doing? Are they trying to impress us?”
What obstacles are getting in the way of Victor making Teresa “his girl”? One of the obstacles is in French class where he didn’t know how to speak french. Another obstacle is when she barely notices him
How does the tension increase now that Victor and Teresa are in the same class together? The tension increases higher because it applies more pressure on Victor to impress Teresa.
Why did the teacher turn his back and walk to the blackboard? The teacher turned his back because he knew Victor didn’t know how to speak french. And he also didn’t want to waste his time.
The French teacher, Mr. Bueller, realises that Victor is faking his knowledge of French, yet he does not let anyone know about it. What impression does Mr. Bueller’s action tell you about him as a person and as a teacher? Mr. Bueller is a teacher that Victor is currently asking for forgiveness for. He is also someone that minds his own business. Mr. Bueller also doesn’t want to waste his time with people who show off by thinking they know French.

This is my Reading task for this week! What I had to do was read the text and then answer the questions! Then I had to record myself reading the text! Overall this text was all about A boy named Victor and the different things he did during the first day of school. I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!

Journal Word Find

This is my reading task that I have been working on! The book I have been reading is called Fast Rust. One of my tasked that are connected to the story is my Journal Word Find! I had to point out the key words and sentences to make my words to find harder! I hope you enjoyed my blog post, Please leave a positive comment, Thank you!

Boot Camp – Respond to the text

This is my task for today! In this task I had to explain and justify my reasoning by using the text. I also had to make a video using some type of time in my life where I was fighting with someone. And when I was filming in my group was Legacy, and Amira! So there you have it this is my Reading Task I hope you enjoyed!