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Art Works!

This Morning our whole school gathered together and we had an Immersion Assembly. This Term our theme is “Art Works!” Each Team performed an item showing the children what they will be learning and doing this Term.

My favourite item had to be the Team 4 item.
Team 4’s item was about making art in different ways such as
Photography, Music, and Dancing.
I liked there item because it was fun and creative in many different ways.

This Term Team 5 is learning about how to tell a story using many things around us,
and also being able to create art from our own point of view.

Year 7 Step Up Program

Last week the year 8’s went to a Leadership Camp. While they were away the year 7’s had a Step Up Program. The year 7’s had lots of fun and had lots of activities to do. The first day of the activities started on Wednesday. We first had to make our team names. My Team name was The Mighty Kiwi’s, there was also, Fobalisous, and Terrors. 

The first activity was playing human Tic Tac Toe. I didn’t join because the fast people mosty went. My team kept losing and the other teams got points. Then the round two activity came. The round two activity was a singing battle. We had one piece of paper per team and we had to write down songs that we could use for different topics. The first topic was love and we all sang our hearts out. Then we had a number of songs we had to sing and most of them were babyish Like the three little monkeys.

Finally we finished singing and we began to colour in to make our work. The things that we were colouring are going to be one big picture. After that we made motivational quotes. We all coloured them in and decorated them. Then I had to leave.

One thing about that day that I did not like was when we did our chant’s. When the other team’s did their chant’s I was really impressed by their moves and words they were doing. Then there was my group. My group’s chant was the worst one because they all had to join but they didn’t and one kid had to yell something and boy did they yell loud. But most of all we all had fun with what we were doing and we helped each other all the way. 

Narative Writing – Mary And The Magical Broom

Once upon a time in a land called far far away, there was a girl named Mary. At that time Mary was reading a book under a colossal oak tree that was based far away from her hometown. The book was about an adventure located in the forest. Mary then began to read these words “Magical Book open up now these words will open and you will unlock” Then from out of nowhere Mary began to sink into the book. From then on Mary vanished into thin air.

After that Mary came falling from above by a Magical portal and began to fall into a bunch of magic leaves. And then her skin started to itch so bad that she started turning purple like a blueberry. She itched and itched until she went tumbling down a hill and then landed in a soft pile of sticks. Once she landed, her skin turned back to her original colour. As she then got up she felt a weird object poking her by the hip.  

As she looked closer at it she noticed that it was a broom. “WOW, this is incredible how cool would it be if I flew this thing” Then she saw the broom had a golden trim on its handle and it looked like it was from ancient histories, like from when she wasn’t born. The broom was also covered in the coding of dust that made you sneeze and want to barf when you see it. It also had a light scent of vanilla added to it.

Mary then blew off all the dust and cleaned the broom with her jacket, and as she did that she saw the broom grow bigger, in shock she dropped the broom and screamed as loud as she could and started sprinting off to find help. “ AAAAAA, Help me Help me” Then Mary felt a sudden urge to turn around. As she turned 90 degrees she saw the broom on the ground that looked like it was dead. After a little bit of thinking, she decided that she wanted to keep the magical broom because it seemed interesting to her. But as she blinked the broom flew into her hands and started shrinking into its natural size. A few minutes later she calmed down and started walking north to find a way home. Then thought to herself if she could fly the broom. So that was what she did. “WOOHOO my name is Mary and I am flying a magical broom,” she said.

As she was flying she spotted a portal, she thought about how she was going to go back home. She didn’t know her way around these magic portal things so she just went through them. Then she thought about how worried her mother would be.“ My mother would be disappointed if she thought I was dead, would she? While she was thinking she didn’t notice that she was walking right through another magical portal that appeared in front of her, and not knowing she walked right through it. 

As she put her head up she saw her house, in disbelief she walked up to the house and touched it as if it was a dream, thinking it would disappear when she touched it. “Please be a way home please” she cried. So without a thought, she touched it again and she was immediately back home. In happiness, she went to the doorstep of her house and decided she would never go too far from her house again. The End


Stick Figure Animation

This week me and my class made a stick figure animation for cybersmart. And this is my stick figure animation of a person walking. This is what I learnt in cybersmart because we are learning how to move things in detail when we are animating.