Year: 2022

Escape Room Planning Progect – Extension

This Term year 7 & 8 extension have been working on escape rooms. The Escape rooms can be in real life or online – scratch. In my group there is Me, Zaria, Legacy, Lily-May, and Amira. My groups theme was stranger things and a spooky season vibe. Our escape room is begining to be held phisically as it is more fun in real life. This Progect is really fun because we got to create things from scratch. And that is my Extension Progect!

My Pourquoi Tale – How Did The Lizard Learn To Climb The Wall?


How did the Lizard learn to climb the wall?

A long time ago, on a dark unforgettable night there was a mysterious looking creature that was named Mr Lizard. Mr Lizard had no family of his own but had a big tree also known as his house that he lived in. That night Mr Lizard spotted a brick wall that looked interesting. The wall had mesmerising colours all over it with a smooth texture that felt like the side of a box. 

All of a sudden Mr Lizard had a funny and strange feeling that formed in his stomach. At that moment Mr Lizard felt the urge to climb the wall. His legs started to move, his eyes started to twitch he couldn’t help himself! He moved and moved and in a flash he accidentally knocked into a bench.

“AAaaahh!” He screamed he was afraid of what trouble he would be in and so he was running and running until he couldn’t move anymore. He froze. “What’s going on?” He said that’s when he noticed there was a sticky goop that was stuck to him. 

He then broke free and went close to the wall. “With this weird stuff on me I can climb right?” He thought to himself. He was then ready to face his dream of climbing the brick wall. On and on he went step by step. He constantly kept pushing himself and that’s when HE REACHED THE TOP!!! Looking all around him he saw the beauty of nature right before his eyes. Shocked at how beautiful the view is, he smiled and began to, Dance? And That’s How The Lizard Learnt How to Climb the wall.

What Makes A Good Teacher?

What Makes A Good Teacher?


Teachers are everywhere, Some may be the best, some may be the worst.

But if you are wondering what makes a good Teacher? Then read along for more information.


What makes a good teacher is when they understand children.

Understanding children can mean by letting the children

speak about themselves. This can also mean by trying

to communicate with the students and much more.


Being a Good Teacher is when you are kind to the students.

Also meaning being calm and graceful against students.

This could also be a way to Help students

with what they are struggling with.


A good Teacher also needs to have some fun with their

students and to entertain them. Teachers and students all need some

fun in their time of work and school by playing cool games or activities. 


These are my facts about what makes a good teacher.

So Do you have what it takes to make a good teacher?

Sleeping Lions – Statistical Inquiry, Part 1


Over the past two days Room 4 have been focusing on a cycle between Problem solving and planning. We had to compare hours of sleep to different topics such as Age, Gender, Well-being, and Height. My group topics where hours of sleep to different genders. My group had lots of fun doing this task because we got to learn new things like the difference between the amount of hours male sleep for, to female hours of sleep.

My 9 sentence story


It all started on a bloomy day, when there was a teenage boy named Bob. Bob loved to stay indoors and hated the nature of life outside. Bob hated his family and all the people that surrounded him because he thought that people were full of drama and trouble. He could never understand why he was this way and didn’t know how to express himself. But one day Bob wanted to see the light. The light is what Bob called the outside world since he hardly ever went to school. He wanted to force himself to get out of his home but couldn’t do it because he knew no one would be interested in him. He began to cry and then suddenly stopped from the lack of hunger and sleep. He then sadly passed away.

My 9 sentence story