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Maths Goals term4 23

To get to the next level I need to:

1. Be more prepared with my work and also facing new equations that I can learn.

2.  I can also move to different levels by seeing how different and other people find the answer’s of the same questions as me. 

3. I can also write down notes to show me how I have done other math learning. 

I can help myself by:

  • Learning new strategies and work 
  • I can also take feedback from my pairs
  • I can even help myself by learning at home and using math with my everyday life. 

This is my maths task for today. For my task I have had to set my goals for this term that I can use with math. I have enjoyed doing this task because I have got to show my ideas and ways to help me with my math for this term! In my maths task I have had to explain my ways on what I can do to help myself, and also different ways to get to the next level of maths. One of my highlights is how I have got to show my thinking of my math to yous for this term. I hope you have enjoyed my blog post of today. Please leave a positive comment on my blog, and I will show more of my learning in return!