Stick Figure Animation

This week me and my class made a stick figure animation for cybersmart. And this is my stick figure animation of a person walking. This is what I learnt in cybersmart because we are learning how to move things in detail when we are animating.

Rap Writing

Now everybody knows about the little pigs three But this time it goes a little differently. You see I made a couple changes. I set it all to rhyme. Let’s begin our story, Once Upon A Time…

THREE LITTLE PIGS were living large and at home Til the day mom said, Yo! I want to be alone! Go build your own houses now that you are big. It’s time for each of you to be an independent pig.

The first pig built his house out of straw, the second pig built his house out of sticks, and the third pig built his house out of brick, but only one was left to live. 

She told her little piggies, I think I’d better warn ya…… The first little pig built a house made of straw. He didn’t use a hammer and he didn’t use a saw. He finished in a hurry and he laughed,HA, HA! I’m done! I’m done! Now I’ll go and have some fun!

The second little pig built a house made of twigs…… The third little pig built a house made of bricks ……. Now the piggies all knew never talk to strangers……. “HOWL!

Holes – Part 2



This is my summary about my Reading on the book Holes.

I read chapters 8-17.

In this part of the story I learnt about a few boys named, X-Ray, Squid, Armpit, ZigZag, and Caveman. These boys made eachother be good friends. But they also made eachother get into big trouble. This was also very interesting because there were lots of crazy things happening at once. Overall this part of the story was very interesting because there where a lot of hard feelings towards the characters.