Month: February 2023

Letter to Mr Wiseman

To Mr Wiseman, 

Kia Ora My name is Lynette Paepae ‘Ofa! I have one little brother that is currently 9 but turning ten and I am 11 turning 12. I also have five other people living in my household. My family also originates from Samoa and Tonga! My family members mostly speak Samoan at home even when me and my brother still don’t understand. 

Personally I am mostly not interested in reading but I know that it is a very important thing to learn from. But what I’m sometimes interested in is reading about other cultural things. I’m interested in writing because there are many different topics to write about!

I would also like for Mr Wiseman to know that I want to learn and properly read more about different and interesting cultures! For me I would like Mr Wiseman to know that I feel more comfortable if I work in a group instead of myself.

Kind Regards, Lynette ‘Ofa


Timeline of Protests in NZ

Today for exstention I had to work in a group doing a task that involves research about timelines. It was all about different protests all around New Zealand! This is also what we are going to be learning for the whole term. Aswell as learning different protests from New Zealand History. I Hope You Enjoyed My Blog Post!

Why Did We Have To Stay Home?

Today we had to stay home because of the bad weather conditions! According to the news there is a cyclone that is currently surrounding the north island of New Zealand. Apparently the cyclone is also called – Cyclone Gabrielle. But I think this all started because of the crazy flooding that happened last week! Luckily my family didn’t get affected but most people in auckland did. But I’m just thankful for the furniture and food I still have!

My About Me!

Kia Ora my name is Lynette, and I am a year 8 at Pt England school! My favourite hobbies in school are P.E, Writing, and Maths. I am also a proud Samoan and Tongan. What I enjoy doing is playing fun sports and interacting with others! I love to Eat, sleep, and also watch entertaining movies. This Is Me! Feel Free To Leave A Positive Comment On My Blog!