Month: August 2022

Home Work Literacy Writing

Story Explanation: Today I read a chapter book named Holes by Louis Sachar. The book was basically about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. Most of the story takes place at a boot camp that is called Camp Green Lake. Surrounding the camp site is mostly dirt and tents with huge holes dug into the ground. Stanley was sent to the camp because he was accused of theft that he did not even do. Later he meets other people (which he has nicknamed) with other reasons to be there. Stanley also has a very harsh past with his grandfather or which he calls his, No-Good-Dirty-Rotten-Pig-Stealing-Great-Great-Grandfather.

Prediction: My prediction is, Stanley is going to have a problem between other people in the story because they all seem like trouble to eachother.

Team Work Class Treaty Activities!

Today my class have been making fun and crafty things! Before the activivties we finished making our class treaty. We first had to get into teams. In my team I had Aye Myat, Jacob, and Kris. We then had to make a bridge out of paper and tape. That activity was really fun because we had to comunicate with eachother! The next task we did was making the tallest tower out of straws and tape. We had lots of fun with eachother. We also did lost of activivties with cups and string.

The Plane & The Two Boys

Write A Story Not More Or Less Than 6 Sentences.

On a fine windy day a colossal airplane covered a neighbourhood. The airplane was massive and had something on it that looked suspicious. On it were what looked to be two little boys waving down at the neighbourhood. One boy kept waving down with a huge smile on his face, and the other was frightened to see how high up he was. While looking down they were amazed to see the awesome view. The two boys loved the adventure they went on that day. THE END

 (Literacy Writing for Homework)