Term 2 Immersion Assembly!


Today is the first day of the 2nd term of 2022! This morning we had an Immersion Assembly that gathered all Pt England School students and teachers. It took place under Te Kapua. The theme for this term is (We Know The Way)

First up was the Team 1 item. The team one item was about bees and how two bee keepers saw a big bee and tried to follow it. They went East to West until the bee saw them following it. So that is what team ones item is about and they are learning directions and instructions to follow.

Next up was Team 2 item. Team 2’s item was about pirates and caption Jolly Rogder. Team 2 is learning about Distances and meters between direstions on where to go.

After team 2 is Team 3. Team 3’s item was about asking questions on coding and scratch. This term team 3 is learning how to code things to do things.

Finally Team 4’s item. Team 4 is learning and creating Qr codes and making games out of scratch. Team 4 also did a movie on Qr codes all around the school.

Lastly Team 5’s item. Team 5’s item was about Spheros and robots and how to control them by devices so basiclly team 5’s item was a story time about 2 students and 2 robots that looked realistic. So this term team 5 is learing how to crontrol things by devices.

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