Monday 14th March 2022, Writing

Startled, he thinks it’s a dream. Martin wakes up not knowing what has happened and where he is? The last thing he remembers is eating his plate of bacon and eggs in business class on the Emirates Boeing 737.  

He was still conscious and was trying to figure out why he was on the ground. He was aware of the things surrounding him and was still lying down with a pounding headache. The only things he saw around him were just the plane and a long distance for him to walk to.

Martin knew he was flying from New Zealand to the United States but he never thought he would end up on a deserted land. Martin was afraid because he was the only human being on the land. with an awful look on his face, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Then he collapsed. 

Once he woke up it was already dark out and the sky was filled with stars. It was awesome for Martin to see because he was never brave enough to look at the dark sky. He thought it was a sign of bad luck and wondered why he thought that all along. Then Martin started to sing with all his courage and was enjoying the moment until a Truck came.

In the Truck was a strange-looking man. The man knew who Martin was and it turns out Martin’s family reported him missing! The man turned out to be his long-lost Uncle. Later that evening Martin and his Uncle went to his small little cabin. After a week Martin booked a Ticket back to New Zealand. So he left for New Zealand but he was surprised when he saw his Uncle going with him. Then Martin and his Uncle were reunited with their family and had a happy life after the great adventure they had.

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